The University Advancement Office (UAO), Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko, is a development centre under the supervision of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration); Prof. Francis Oyebade who currently doubles as the Office Director. The office has the mandate to develop, promote and sustain the good image of the University both locally and internationally as well as to also attract goodwill to it. The University Advancement Office is saddled with the responsibility of generating additional sources of revenue, separate from proprietary subventions and students’ tuition, for the purpose of funding developmental projects and the general advancement of the University.

The Office is committed to sourcing funds through philanthropic support of individuals and corporate organizations as well as alumni donations, students’ support, endowments, gifts, bequests, and investments from within and outside the country. UAO also focuses on widening the access of the University to academic collaborations, linkages with industries, local and international institutions as well as other beneficial partnerships. As all efforts are driven towards building a 21st Century University; Properly Called, the University Advancement Office aims at strategically building robust collaborations and raising funds for institutional advancement.

Core Values

The University Advancement Office of Adekunle Ajasin University operates under six (6) core values which are:

  • Integrity: We hold steadfastly to our high moral principles. Our activities are well aligned with the university culture and comply with professional standards.
  • Accountability: We are accountable for all our actions aimed at promoting and sustaining the good image of the University across and beyond the shores of the country.
  • Creativity: The office, through its members of staff, adopts a high level of creativity in carrying out its activities such that targets are met and outstanding results are recorded.
  • Diligence: Our high level of commitment to the mandate that we bear and our persistent efforts towards achieving set goals stands us out as an office with high prospects.
  • Dynamism: We are dynamic, full of energy, enthusiastic, and with a sense of purpose, we set out to achieve realistic goals for the greater good of the institution.
  • Reciprocity: With mutual respect for everyone that we come in contact with, we are committed to building strong and healthy relationship between the university and its students, staff, alumni, philanthropists as well as corporate organizations.

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