From TweetChat to BlogPost
Posted on: October 15, 2016, by : Adekola

As you are already aware, we have recently started the our weekly TweetChat and we hope more and more people can join us in this inspiring journey on a weekly basis. The goal of the Advancement TweetChat is to provide a platform for you to rise beyond the limitations of life by sharing knowledge that would be of great help to you, providing you with answers to the questions bothering you, offering solutions to the problems that you dread the most in your studies, career, and so on.

img-20161010-wa0001Each week, we shall have a facilitator handling a particular topic that, we are sure, would be of great interest to you. The facilitator shall spend some time giving a succinct exposition on the selected topic. This would be followed by a question and answer session.During the Q & A session, participants shall be able to ask the facilitator questions guided by @AAUAdvancement; the moderator.

For the sake of those that are unable to join the tweetchat live, we shall convert the discussion into an article to make our blog post for the week. Now that we have already started and week one has come and gone, our blog is now ready. Please be informed that you can drop a comment but bear in mind that the fun is actually in joining the chat.

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